Welcome to NeuroTruth!

Hello strangers!  The purpose of this blog is to examine mental health (and illness) from a different perspective.  I was prompted to create it after the release of the DSM-V, which is a medical and scientific disgrace. I highly suggest you DON’T read it.

Mental illness is a serious, life-threatening condition that must be treated with the same rigorous scientific standards as physical diseases like heart disease and cancer.  By implying that mental disorders are caused by faulty thinking patterns, bad parenting or other controllable behaviors, professionals overlook potential biological causes while re-inforcing the idea that mental illness is “all in your head.”

Here are a few topics we hope to explore:

*The fabrication of mental disorders for profit.

*The myth that mental illness is caused by emotional/psychological factors.

*The sordid history of psychology and psychiatry in America.

*The lack of progress in understanding (and treating) the true causes of mental disorders.

*Inhumane/unethical treatment of the mentally ill.

*The stigmatization of mental illness by both experts and laymen.

We encourage open discussion and look forward to connecting with other people on this topic.

☮, ♥, & Sanity –


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