About Me

I’m a female writer based in Las Vegas with an interest in mental health and psychiatry.  With this blog, I hope to shed light on alternative theories of mental illness outside the standard “chemical imbalance” theory that has monopolized the discussion of mental illness for so long.  All too often, psych doctors do little more than write prescriptions without searching for the underlying pathology of the disorders they’re treating.  This is a problem because these medications can carry dangerous side effects and may not be effective for mental illness caused by health problems elsewhere in the body.  Mental illness that’s not effectively managed can result in a host of societal problems, including violence, substance abuse and suicide.

Mental illness runs in my family, so I have a personal stake in understanding the “why” behind these conditions.  Personally, I’ve dealt with depression, Aspergers syndrome, OCD, social anxiety and phobias since early childhood.

Whether you suffer from mental illness or know someone who does, I encourage you to become your own advocate by learning as much as possible.






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